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Have I gained too much weight during pregnancy?

Q: I am 9 months pregnant. At the start of my pregnancy, my weight was 60 kg, which now is 82 kg. My gynaecologist prescribed Dytide for reducing the water level in my body. However, as far as I know one should have good amount of water during pregnancy. Is the prescription of Dytide at this stage is correct? I have lost 2 kg in past 2 days. Am I overweight?

A:The usual difference (i.e. weight gain) between non-pregnant and full term pregnancy should not exceed 12 kg at the most. Your doctor is right in trying to get rid of excess water. Dytide is the brand name of a diuretic, which gets rid of excessive water. You should take this medicine as advised by your gynaecologist. You should also reduce the intake of salt.


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