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For how long should one fast before a blood sugar test?

Q: I am 30 years old and a known diabetic since 5 years because of acute pancreatitis. My HbA1c level is 9.3% (HPLC) and mean blood glucose for last 60 days shows 223.7mg%. Can this be reduced with medicines? What kind of diet and exercises are good for me? Please see my recent lipid profile test result below and advise: total cholesterol: 172 mg/dl, triglycerides: 210 mg/dl, HDL: 43 mg/dl, LDL: 87 mg/dl, VLDL: 42 mg/dl and ratio: 4.0. How much time should one fast for before taking the fasting blood sugar test?

A:You may try tablets, but if they do not work, then insulin is required. Your lipid profile is fine except high triglycerides, which are likely due to poor control of blood sugar. Eight hours or more of fasting is enough for a fasting blood sugar test.


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