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Foetus in fallopian tubes?

Q: If the foetus is in the fallopian tube and not in the utereus, then what should the parents do and what are the symptoms of it? Is it necessary to have colour doppler? What information does colour doppler give and how is it done. Is it harmful for the fetus or my reproductive organs? Is there any different type of colour doppler? . If the mother feels pain in her abdomen, is it harmful for the fetus or not? My third month of pregancy will be completd on 6th Aug 2002. I am 26 years old, height is 5 feet and my weight is 39 kgs and i am suffering from pain in stomach/abdomen. I also have a problem of constipation. What should Ii do? I am not able to take much food. I m also suffering from fever. A day before yesterday it went up to 103 degree c. Sometimes I became faint (max 2 times in last three months so far). I m having low B.P. = 80 only Also please tell us how we can detect the monthly growth of the fetus? Is sonography compulsory for every month to detect the position.

A:First get a sonography done to confirm whether the pregnancy is in fallopian tube or in the uterus. Colour Doppler can be useful. It is not harmful at all for the foetus or your reproductive organs. If the foetus is in the tube, it is a dangerous situation for you. For constipation, you can take Isapgol powder 2 tsp in a cup of warm water at bed time. For your fever, consult a Physician. You need not do a sonography every month - once within 3 months (at 4 1/2 months, 7 months and at 8 ½ months) should be done - more frequent sonographies should be done only if necessary. The monthly growth of the foetus can be judged clinically by the obstetrician.


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