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Fits during sleep

Q: I have had a problem since childhood and I have never been able to get a satisfactory answer to the same. The question being that whenever I drift to sleep I have mild convulsions in my body after which I fall sleep. These convulsions have ranged from mild to acute when my body rises half way from the bed.I do not have any other sleep problems except that I dream very frequently. I have no other ailment and have a very healthy body. I am 29 years old and have perfect health being an active swimmer and long distance runner.

A:I am not sure whether convulsion is the appropriate word for your problem. You probably have something known as Hypnagogic Myoclonus. These are generalized muscle jerks, just as the person is falling asleep. These are not associated with any alteration in conscious level. These are seen in normal people and do not require any treatment. You may consult a Neurologist or a Sleep Disorder clinic for further evaluation of your problem.


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