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Fitness - after 40 years

Q: I am one of the regular reader of ndtv doctors. My question is general, I am crossing 40 years and I want to keep my health perfect. What steps do I have to follow with food and other habits? I do not have any bad habits, but I am worried about my food practices, because I take a lot of oily food and non-veg. Please give me suggestions to keep fit.

A:Fitness awareness in itself is good enough to keep you healthy and it seems that you are pretty concerned and motivated. One must practice certain guidelines to remain healthy at all ages.

  • Follow a well balanced diet including foods from all the different food groups such as cereals and grains; milk and milk products; fruits and vegetables; meat and other non-veg foods and fats. Maintaining a good balance is a key to good health.
  • Drink plenty fluids.
  • Work out an exercise regime depending on your daily schedule. You do not have to go in for heavy and long exercise sessions to keep yourself in good health, 20-30 min of brisk walk or jogging or any other light exercise can serve your purpose well.
  • Manage stress well and do not worry too much about it. Some minor modifications in dietary and lifestyle practices will help you living a healthy and fit life.


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