Eyes- swollen

Q: From last one year I am sufering from eye problem. The problem is that from last one year my eyes are swollen both upper and lower eyelids at regular interval. It comes and goes. I took medical advice in which I was presecribed high dose of antibiotic (Amoxcyllin 500mg. Now another problem is that last time when it again swollen then it did not become all right. Looking forward for your reply,Thanking you,AV

A:It appears that you may be suffering from a chronic lid condition called meibomitis and/or blepharitis. This may cause a further condition called chalazion, in which, after an acute infection in the lid, a pea sized swellingpersists in the gland. A checkup by your local ophthalmologist to confirm these possiblities would bethe preferred option. However, a course of oral Doxycycline 100 mg daily for at least 2 months, combined with good lid hygiene and cleaning using Betadineantiseptic lotion to scrub your lid margins once daily may be considered, under the supervision of the ophthalmologist.


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