Q: My eye sight number is -7.5D, I want to perform LASER operation on that. So what is the success rate and approximate cost. Is there any side effects of this?

A:Your number can be corrected. However a lot of other parameters besides thenumber e.g., the shape, thickness of your cornea, the size of your pupil, the status of the tear film & lids including hygiene as well as the retinal condition and associated disease have to be ruled out. You have to be assessed in detail by an expert at a reputed centre before you are certifieda suitable candidate, because if you are suited the results are very satisfying. The side effects are minimal (e.g., dryness, glare, over or under correction, mild eyestrain) and visually subside over the next 2-3 weeks. If not examined in detail the risks increase and the side effects may become permanent & disabling.


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