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Effects of hypothyroidism on fertility

Q: My wife age, 34, delivered our first baby in mid March 2002, she had her first periods from 9/8/02 to 16/08/02 . After that she again had profouse bleeding on 23/08/02, initially as clots followed by a heavy flow like she had never experienced before. We went to a gynaecologist who asked for a thyroid profile, which shows her TSH to be 83 to 88 level when it should not be above 5. She has no such family history. 1. Why does this thyroid problem occur?; 2. As my wife is breast feeding, will taking Eltroxin affect the child?; 3. What are her chances of becoming normal or will she have to suffer this all her life?; 4. Will it affect her chances of second pregnancy and what precautions should we take during future pregnancy? I know I have too many queries but I will be thankful if my anxiety is satisfied with a personal touch. Manu

A:The thyroid problem can occur to anybody. It is due to imbalances in the thyroid metabolic cycle. Hypothyroidism does affect fertility but levels under control helps. For future fertility, one has to be compliant in taking the thyroid supplement regularly. Your wife will be kept in regular scrutiny. Eltroxin will have to be continued during breast feeding but you MUST consult the baby's doctor regarding the mother's Eltroxin supplement.


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