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Drugs - amlodipine

Q: I am 37 years old male, weigh 80 kgs and was just detected as having HIGH BP, which was 150/100. My doctor has started Amlodopine 5 mg 1 tablet in the morning and 1/2 tablet in the evening. With the above, the BP is now 130/90. I have also been told to reduce weight. Please let me know if Amlodopine is a calcium blocker or beta blocker and what are the side effects of the same as I understand that I need to take this medicine for life.


Apart from Amlovas, amlodipine is sold under various trade names by reputed, quality drug manufacturers such as Amlodac (Cadila), Amlopres (Cipla), Calcheck (Ipca), Lama (Stadmed) and Myodura (Wockhardt). While selecting a brand of a medicine, particularly for long-term use, it is very important to keep the price in mind. The following price comparisons may be of some interest to you:
2.5mg (10 tablets)Rs. 11.97Rs. 4.50
5mg (10 tablets)Rs. 20 Rs. 9.50
10mg (10 tablets)Rs. 35.08 Rs. 14

The above table shows that unlike in western countries drug prices in India can be very different due to a number of reasons such as the amount of money being spent on aggressive promotion - the cost of which is ultimately borne by patients. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker and is relatively a safe drug for long-term use. For side effects please go to the Drugs Section of doctorndtv.com and look under amlodipine. You are certainly over-weight with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28.7 (kg divided by square of height in meter) that should be brought down to below 25. Your weight should be under 70kg. Apart from diet control you should do brisk walking: 4.5km in 45 minutes or even less time every day.


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