dog bite

Q: Dear sir,I met with an accident while driving my honda motor cycle... suddenly a dog came inbetween & felt but while falling i felt unconcious till the whole thing happens now I have a very small notch on my foot which I suspect might be DOG bite . I request you to please enlighten me if there is any check to confirm the dog bite.Also if so and I dont take any vaccine than what is the reaction . supposing there is no dog bite is it safe to still take rabbis injection ?? please advise. My local doctors have said there is no way to check dog bite also there is no reaction if you still take rabbis injection and it is not risky & nonreactive. pls. confirm whether it is correct.

A:There is no way to check if it is a dog bite. The most important measures are to irrigate the wound thoroughly and take oral antibiotics for five days.If the dog can be traced and found to be healthy its not rabid. The rabies vaccine is unpleasant but not usually harmful unless there is a history of allergies.


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