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Does Zyoptix surgery correct both long and short sightedness?

Q: Does Zyoptix eye surgery correct both long sight and short sight? I have been short-sighted for many years now but now (having crossed the age of forty), I find myself getting long-sightedness also. I don't want to wear bifocal lenses. Is Zyoptix the solution? Does it have any long-term side-effects like seeing halos around lights or tunnel vision?

A:Zyoptix only corrects distance vision whether myopia or hypermetropia but the defect you have is called Presbyopia which is age related and this will not be corrected by Zyoptix. Moreover there will be many side effects or complications even long time after Laser surgery. You will still need to wear glasses for close work as the lens power will vary every few years from now on for you depending on your close work, reading etc.


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