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Does the size of the breast affect the milk flow?

Q: I always had a difference in my breast size, but it was not so noticeable. During my pregnancy, my right breast has increased more in size and the areola has become bigger than the left one. I am breastfeeding my 2 months old daughter. When she feeds from the smaller breast, she pulls the nipple in her mouth and seems fussy. However, from the bigger breast, she feeds well and I can hear her swallowing. When I pump from the smaller breast, it takes longer to give the same amount as the bigger breast. Is the slow flow due to smaller size? What can I do to make the flow equal in both breasts? Can the size be made even?

A:I understand your concern but the size of the breast has no correlation with the amount of milk it can produce. It is a normal phenomenon - the two thighs, the arms are never exactly the same size, and so the different breast sizes are not a correlation. Your baby will also adjust to different size of the nipples. In fact if you are relaxed, the feeding will be better.


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