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Does the medicine Fertilaid help a woman conceive?

Q: I am 39 years old and have two kids. Now I want to be pregnant. I am trying for more than one year. I come to know about the tablets Fertilaid. Please suggest if this medicine will help me conceive?

A:There are a lot of these magic formulas in the market these days and there is no way one can scientifically decide whether these products being marketed mainly through the net help or harm. The product you have mentioned is one of these herbal - natural product and there is certainly no scientific proof that it helps you to get pregnant. You have not written how old your older children are and what kind of contraception you were using in the last few years (if indeed you were using anything at all). So one is not sure whether you have tried enough. At this stage I think you out to know that at your age the fertility would be a little less than a woman in her twenties. The fertility falls in late thirties more so after 37. This means that you may take longer to conceive even if you and your partner are perfectly normal. That is to say that if you had to try for about 6 months in your twenties to conceive, you may need one to two years at your age even if you are perfectly normal. Just keep a track of your fertility period and try to have sex regularly in those days (preferably daily) and you should conceive if there is no problem. However, if you do have an infertility problem you should get it evaluated scientifically by a good clinician and then take medications. Please do not seek magical products which may be marketed cleverly but have little efficacy and may be harmful.


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