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Does the drug Orthobid plus help to conceive?

Q: I got married 5 years back and am still childless. I went to a doctor on day 3 of my periods and the doctor scanned and gave me a tablet called Orthobid plus, which is a pain killer (to be taken for 3 days). I am confused why she gave me this when I didn't complain of any pain? How is this tablet related to my periods or pregnancy?

A:Orthobid Plus is a Fixed-Dose Combination of nimesulide and serratiopeptidase. Nimesulide is either banned or not approved in western countries such as United States, Canada, Britain, Australia etc. for being toxic to the liver. Its use in children is prohibited all over the world. It has absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy. In fact it is not legally permitted to be used during pregnancy even in those countries where it is permitted to be prescribed. Due to exorbitant profits in nimesulide which is sold for Rs. 30 to Rs. 70 per 10 tablets while it costs less than Rs. 3 to produce, drug makers spend large sums of money to mislead doctors to patronize their products.


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