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Does the drug Faropenem sodium have any side effects?

Q: How does the drug Faropenem sodium tab. work? I was suffering from pneumonia and no drugs were helping. I even tried Ceftum but in vain. Then my doctor prescribed Faronem 200 mg for 10 days. I am relaxed now, even the signs and symptoms of pneumonia have gone but I am fearing that this molecule is totally new in India. Does it have any side effects, should I continue this medication?

A:Faropenem is the orally administered medicine and belongs to the 'penem' group to, which imipenem also belongs. Imipenem is given by injection and has been there for quite some years. Faropenem is a Japanese research product and has not yet been cleared by US and other western drug regulators. Hence not much is known since it has not been in extensive use. If no other antibiotic is effective, one has to take imipenem or feropenem if the germs are sensitive to it.


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