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Does stress lead to a tear in the retina?

Q: I developed floaters, blurred vision along with flashes of light in my right eye about 2 and a half months back. The problem was diagnosed as retinal tear with bleeding. I underwent laser operation immediately. But the right eye still has blurred vision as the vitreous is mixed with blood. My vision is OK and with glasses the power is -2. Occasionally the vision in right eye is blocked by a big fishing net shaped floater. I have developed a pulse like pain after the laser procedure. Each episode lasts for a second. I have started seeing flashes of light. The doctor said the flashes are due to vitreous pull but my retina is healthy. In the latest review there was some layer of cells that came loose due to bleeding, formed on the central area. The doctor said that this may grow and affect my vision and will need surgery two years later. What is this condition called and what are its implications, treatment and prognosis? I have been very stressful in my office. Is there a link between stress and retinal tear/detachment? Please give me some details on central serous retinopathy?

A:First of all, I would like to state that there is no relation between stress and Retinal Tears. Secondly, from your history, it is apparent that you do not have central serous retinopathy. Also, SR has no relation with retinal tears either. Retinal tears develop spontaneously in individuals with myopia due to traction on the peripheral retina by the vitreous jelly within the eye and associated weak spots in the retina prone to develop tears. Next, I would like to state that cells below the retina may leak out through the tear and precipitate a chain of chemical events which can cause a membrane formation on the retinal surface, which is known as an epiretinal membrane on the central area of the retina or macula. If that is the diagnosis in your case, you will need regular retina checks for the next few years.


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