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Does Repronex adversely affect the fetus?

Q: I went to an infertility specialist doctor and took Repronex 75 mg qid. I finished with my second cycle of Repronex and started my menses thereafter and took a pregnancy test the next day on my nurse's advice. She said patients on Repronex should always have a pregnancy test even if they start their cycle. My pregnancy results where negative so I resumed treatment. I started back up on Repronex injections 75 mg qid; during my appointments my follicles were not growing and there was concern but I was told to continue with my treatment. On the 18th day of my cycle and the 15th day of taking Repronex I insisted to speak to a doctor because I had never been inseminated after the 16th day and for that matter I was being told that my follicles were again not growing. Later that day I received a call from my doctors office asking me to come in and repeat my pregnancy test because the test I took earlier was actually positive. I am scared because I took repronex for 15 days and I hope this will not affect my child?

A:Repronex is a trade name that contains menotrophin - a combination of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH). Regulators and manufacturers have prohibited its use during pregnancy. In fact, before it is used, careful examination needs to be made to rule out pregnancy. The prohibition on the use of menotrophin is not because it can harm the foetus but because there is no evidence of its safety if used during pregnancy. Because of ethical reasons clinical trials to establish its safety during pregnancy cannot be conducted not to mention that once conception occurs there is no further need to administer menotrophin. Theoretically, based on its mode of action, menotrophin if given inadvertently during pregnancy should not cause any problem. I suggest that as a matter of abundant precaution you go through more regular, periodic check up of the status of fetus. In medicine, we never say 100%, but I do not think there will be any problem.


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