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Does my daughter need to wear glasses?

Q: I recently consulted a local eye doctor for routine check up of my 5.5 years old daughter. My daughter's right eye is 6/6 partial and left eye is 6/9. The doctor suggested spectacles with small cylindrical power 0.25/0.75, though the vision could not be improved with this power. I am not sure of the advantages of spectacles if it does not improve the vision at all. Why is the vision not getting corrected even with lenses? Is there any chance that my daughter's vision would improve with lenses? I would like reference of a good qualified doctor in Delhi whom I can meet and discuss the problem. Please note that I am also myopic and my left eye vision with lenses is 6/9.

A:This child has a sphero cylindrical power mostly in one eye. Very often, due to inadequate retinal stimulation, vision does not completely develop (in this case, need for cylindrical correction of eyesight, in the poorer eye). It is often found that on wearing the requisite correction for a few months, the vision can improve. It is definitely worth wearing the glasses for a few months to see if her visual acuity improves or not. The other reason for non-improvement of vision despite corrective glasses can be a receptor anomaly at the retinal level for which there is no treatment. However, it is imperative that the child continues using glasses regularly & get adequate follow-up.


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