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Does my brother have tumour of the adrenal gland?

Q: These are my brother's reports, 40 years old. Please advise treatment. Serum Amylase - 204, Serum lipase - 142, Serum Bilirubin - 0.9 mg/100 ml; CT of upper abdomen MDCT features suggest a nodular soft tissue density in the lateral limb of the left suprarenal gland, measuring 1.7x1.0cm in the maximum axial dimension. Needs exclusion of? adenoma in left adrenal gland. What is the problem?

A:This sounds like an adrenal incidentaloma, that is, a tumour of the adrenal gland that was found incidentally. Surgery is recommended if: A. The tumour is functioning - you will need to see an Endocrinologist to carry out the appropriate tests B. The tumour is greater than 4 cms in size, which it is not Otherwise, a follow-up scan is recommended in 3-6 months time to confirm that the lesion is not growing in size.


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