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Does Lunesta cause a bitter taste in the mouth?

Q: I took Lunesta for the first time last night. About 20 minutes after taking the medication, I noticed a bitter taste in my mouth. I am unable to drink anything without having a strong bitter taste. The bitterness is not as bad with food as it is with liquid. Is it normal for the bitter taste to last this long?

A:Lunesta is the brand name of a drug called eszopiclone indicated for insomnia. One of its quite common side effects is unpleasant taste that goes away in a day or two. The bitter taste is far more with 3 mg tablet compared to 2 mg tablet. Lunesta should always be taken with a full glass of water and never chewed or crushed. It is not clear as to the dose taken by you and whether you took it with a full glass of water. In any case the side effect will soon disappear.


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