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Does low urobilinogen level suggest infertility?

Q: I am a 27 years old male. Recently, I underwent a urine test. Most of the parameters are normal. But urobilinogen is 3.2 umol/L (given normal range is 16), specific gravity - 1.005 and pH is 7.0. I am concerned about urobilinogen. Will it affect my fertility? I am taking Citralka.

A:Your urine tests presuming the rest are normal does not indicate a UTI (urinary tract infection). Emptiness in the bladder is not a symptom of UTI. Frequent urination, painful urination and fever can be symptoms of a UTI. Urobilinogen is formed in the intestines by bacterial action. Some urobilinogen is reabsorbed, taken up into the circulation and excreted by the kidney. Low urine urobilinogen may result from complete obstructive jaundice or treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics, which destroy the intestinal bacterial flora. Low urine urobilinogen levels may result from congenital enzymatic jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia syndromes) or from treatment with drugs that acidify urine, such as ammonium chloride or ascorbic acid. I am unsure if the Citralka can cause this but you should stop taking the medication and re-check the urine. You should see your physician if it persists. This abnormal urine test even if it persists will not affect your fertility.


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