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Does laser surgery help correct vision?

Q: My 25 years old cousin has eye sight +9. She uses contact lenses for 8 hours daily and the doctor told her that she should not use it for long as it prevents the eyes to receive oxygen. We are thinking for a surgery. But that doctor said it will not solve the problem. Can my cousin’s eyesight be cured after laser surgery?

A:She has hypermetropia, which can be easily and permanently corrected with modern Lasik or ICL. On the other hand, with contact lenses, indeed she can do anything! Of course oxygen supply to the cornea will be lesser with contact lenses, but practically the entire waking hours can be covered with well fitting contact lenses. Modern Lasik can correct very accurately up to +6 spherical with +6 cylindrical. However a detailed check up is needed before taking any decision.


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