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Does jumping ropes help reduce tummy?

Q: I am a 35 years old healthy married woman with two children. Lately, I have started rope jumping exercise for weight loss (particularly for tummy/waist reduction). My query is whether it will help me lose weight from tummy? Will it have any adverse effect on my physique? I have heard that rope jumping can lead to sagging breasts and may also lead to dislocating/affecting uterus. Is it true?

A:Well I would say jumping ropes may be a good exercise for overall health but it is certainly not the best exercise for the tummy. You have to do specific exercises focused on your tummy, burn the fat and a good trainer in a gym would be able to demonstrate you the same.

I am not sure whether it can lead to sagging breasts or uterine prolapse unless you are specifically prone for these to begin with.


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