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Does i-Pill have any side effects on the baby?

Q: I am a 26 years old woman and had unprotected sex 20-25 days back. Now, last week just 2-3 days before my periods, I took I-Pill. After a week, I went for pregnancy test and the report was positive. Will I-pill have any side effect on my baby? Also, will it be safe to continue with pregnancy or not?

A:I-Pill is the brand name. The medicine it contains is called levonorgestral. It is effective as emergency contraceptive only if taken as quickly as possible after sex but no later than 72 hours (the efficacy goes down as time passes from 95% within 24 hours to 85% within 48 hours to 58% within 72 hours). If it is taken after 72 hours, then pregnancy test must be performed to make sure that conception has not already taken place. Based on current knowledge, I-Pill does not cause foetal defects except virilisation (such as hair at unwanted places, deep voice) of female foetus that too if the drug has been consumed at or around 8 weeks of gestation. You can continue with the pregnancy.


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