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Does hypothyroidism affect pregnancy?

Q: I am a 32 year male, recently married and am a hypothyroid patient. My recent lab test showed that the testosterone level was low: 1.08 ngm [N: 2.0 ngm - 8.0 ngm] and my prolactin level was high (two times more than the normal level). In this condition is there any chance for my wife to be pregnant as ten days have passed since her last period was due.

A:The answer in short is YES. You have raised several issues: 1. Hypothyroid: are you well controlled on adequate medication? TSH should be estimated at least annually and it should be within the normal range. 2. Low testosterone: the level fluctuates; was a pooled sample taken and what is your sperm count? 3. Prolactin double: prolactin is a stress hormone and can be somewhat high even if you are worried about the needle prick. Was it tested in a pooled sample? So none of these may actually interfere with fertility. Equally importantly, why were these tests done, how adequate is your penetration during intercourse, and what is your semen analysis like? If the answer to the last 2 questions is that things are normal, your wife can get pregnant now or later.


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