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Does high blood sugar mean my mother has diabetes?

Q: My mother, 52 years, was tested for blood glucose levels and following were the results: fasting blood glucose: 110, fasting urine glucose: Nil, post prandial blood glucose: 215 and post prandial urine glucose: 1%. Please advise what the problem is and if she needs to take any medicines?

A:Do the following tests: 1. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) i.e., Fasting blood sugar (FBG) and 2 hrs after 75 gm glucose to confirm the diagnosis. If FBG>125 or PP is >200 mg/dl then diagnosis of Diabetes MEllitus (DM) is confirmed. 2. Glycosylated Hb 3. Urea and creatinine 4. Lipid profile 5. Fundus examination from an eye surgeon 6. For these levels of glucose levels she does not need any medication; diet and exercise should be good enough. But, she will need aspimed-75 and a statin for heart protection.


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