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Does Folinext interfere with the menstrual cycles?

Q: My wife had a miscarriage 2 months ago. Her doctor advised her to take Folinext for three months. If she stops taking these tablets, her periods start. What could be the problem? What is the significance of this tablet? What precautions have to be taken while consuming these tablets? Is it safe to have sex while consuming them?

A:Folinext is the brand name. It contains two ingredients: folic acid and methylcobalamin (vitamin B-12). It is an irrational combination not marketed in any advanced country. None of these agents have anything to do with menstrual cycle. Folic acid alone (sold as Folet, Folvite, etc.) 5mg daily should be taken by any woman actively trying to become pregnant. It does not help in conception but will help to prevent birth defects in the baby. This should be taken throughout the duration of pregnancy. Of course, one can have sex while on folic acid.


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