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Does Equipose interfere with insulin?

Q: I have been a diabetic for 12 years and am type 1 insulin dependant. I have been under weight training for 4 years. I want to take Equipoise. My doctor says that it will not interact with insulin, but he doesn't seem to be educated about steroids.

A:Equipoise is the brand name of an anabolic steroid called boldenone undecytenalate. There are many anabolic steroids and unfortunately individual agents belonging to this class of medicines, except a few, have not been studied in depth. However anabolic steroids have a class effect on insulin: they potentiate its efficacy resulting in hypoglycaemia and the need to readjust the dose of insulin. The downward need for insulin can be as much as 30% in some cases. The other problem can be weight gain, which is not desirable in diabetes.


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