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Does Duphaston help in regularising periods?

Q: I am a 27 years old woman married since 16 months. I had polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD), which was treated and cured. I have taken emergency contraceptive pill 2-3 times to prevent pregnancy, which caused irregularity in my cycles again. The doctor asked me for a pelvic scan and hormonal tests whose reports were normal. The doctor then prescribed Duphaston 10 mg from the 16th day of my period. Will Duphaston help in regularising my cycles? Will I get pregnant while taking Duphaston? I am taking this pill for the last 4 months. Is it necessary to take it for 6 cycles?

A:I am sure you know that women with PCOS have a problem in conceiving naturally especially if the cycles are irregular. Duphaston will regularise cycles when you are on it. The advantage is that if you ovulate spontaneously you may just conceive, and Duphaston does well with no harm for baby. I would however, do a follicular monitoring for you; to know whether or not you are ovulating spontaneously - otherwise you will be wasting time.


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