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Does Diane adversely affect the chances of pregnancy?

Q: I am a 29 years old female, 153 cm tall and weigh 47 kg. I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (PCOD) and hypothyroidism. My reports indicate USG- pelvis (screening); uterus is retroverted retroflexed of normal size (7.1x4.1x3.7cm) and echopattern. A small well defined, hypoechoic solid mass lesion of size 2.0x1.8x1.3 cm is seen at fundus posteriorly suggestive of myoma. The thickness of trilaminar endometrium is 5.6mm. The cervical endometrium is regular and well defined. Ovaries are bulky; right ovary measures 3.6 x 2.8 x 2.7 cm while left ovary measures 3.9 x 2.9 x 2.0 cm. Both ovaries show multiple small follicles arranged at peuphery or well or centre suggestive of polycystic ovarian disorder. My LH levels are 18.35mIU/mL. My doctor has asked me to take Diane-35. Would this medicine affect the chances of pregnancy if stopped?

A:From your reports, it appears that you have polycystic ovaries with LH hypersecretion. However, you do not appear to be overweight. Diane is a good medicine and does not have any negative effects on the chances of a pregnancy after it is stopped. However, LH levels are very high and you will have to take a high dose oral contraceptive pill. Retest LH if below 10 miu and then try for conception.


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