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Does diabetes lead to infertility?

Q: My random blood sugar is 154 mg/dl. I have a polycystic ovarian disorder. I am trying to conceive and have been told to control my sugar as this may be the cause of infertility. I have been prescribed Glyciphage 500 mg (1/2 a tablet after lunch and 1/2 after dinner). Is taking this tablet all right and the right prescription, are there any side effects? Does diabetes cause infertility?

A:Polycystic ovarian disease (PCO) is often associated with mild diabetes; this is because of insulin resistance that accompanies the disorder. Glyciphage is used to treat diabetes, but can also be used in women with PCO without diabetes, as it can help in infertility. I am not sure if you have diabetes. A random blood glucose value of 154 does not necessarily mean diabetes. You should get a fasting blood glucose and post prandial blood glucose value checked to confirm presence of diabetes. Diabetes can also lead to infertility on its own, but in your case the blood sugar may just be related to the PCO. You should see an endocrinologist for a definite opinion.


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