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Does boiling the rice makes it less harmful for diabetics?

Q: Is it true that when we boil rice, the starch of rice comes out in the water? If we throw out this water the starch in the rice reduces, resulting in reducing the carbohydrate content of rice. Then is this rice not very harmful for diabetics?

A:Boiled rice has a moderate amount of carbohydrates but fall in the list of food products with high glycemic index. In simple terms, a food with a higher glycemic value raises blood glucose faster and is less beneficial to blood-sugar control than a food which scores lower. White bread is given the glycemic index value of 100. Foods that have a value less than 100 are converted into sugar more slowly than white bread. Foods that have a glycemic index value greater than 100 turn into sugar more quickly than white bread. Foods such as milk and fruit tend to have a lower glycemic index value than common starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes and breakfast cereals. Even sugar had a glycemic index of 83, lower than some starchy foods. It is therefore suggested to limit the intake of rice in any form to help control blood sugar.


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