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Does bicornuate uterus lead to premature delivery?

Q: I am 28 years old and 8 weeks pregnant with bicornuate uterus. I am taking Susten 200 and multivitamins as prescribed by my gynaecologist. Do I have chances of premature delivery or miscarriage? What are the precautions and diet that I should follow?

A:All patients with bicornuate uterus do not have preterm labour / delivery. In fact, the majority have term deliveries. But you could have transverse lie of the baby, which will necessitate a C-section for the delivery. The spotting that you had is not related to the bicornuate uterus. You have been put on Susten and that is beneficial in your case. Regarding diet in the first trimester, avoid spicy and greasy foods; eat and drink whatever suits you. This is the time when a person usually has nausea and vomiting. I guess you are one of the lucky few who do not have this problem. If you eat fish, it will be good for you.


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