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Does a kidney transplant affect libido?

Q: My husband, 46 years old, has been a diabetic for 9 years. Since 4 years he is suffering from end-stage renal disease due to chronic pyelonephritis and has been undergoing peritoneal dialysis. He just had a kidney transplant (kidney from his brother) 7 months ago. He is now suffering from loss of libido. He is unable to have sex with me since two months now. He tries but there is failure of erection. I want to know if the cause is the immunosuppressant drugs. Will we suffer for the rest of our life? I am just 31 years old.

A:Successful kidney transplant usually reverses the sexual malfunctions of kidney failure. In six months most patients recover sexual functions. Diabetics may have other causes, which might lead to erectile dysfunction and this can be investigated by the treating nephrologist/urologist combination and treated accordingly. Drugs like Viagra may also be useful but use them only with consultation of your treating nephrologist.


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