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Does a diabetic patient have increased frequency of urination?

Q: I have diabetes for the last 18 years. I am forty eight years old. My blood sugar is well controlled. I have to urinate quite frequently at night. During the day I go every 2-3 hours. Please help. I take 3 reclimate tabs and 3 pioglit-30 daily.

A:The issue is increased frequency of micturition despite good metabolic control. There are two important causes of this problem; one autonomic nerve involvement and second prostate enlargement. Please get the following: 1. USG for prostate. In case of enlarged prostate contact urologist for possible surgical intervention. 2. If normal, start with Tryptomer 25 mg at bed time, this will take care of autonomic neuropathy. 3. Get a detailed urine examination done as well, as sometimes a chronic urinary tract infection can present in this way.


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