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Do passive exercise machines hinder conception?

Q: We are planning for a baby for almost a year now. I understand that I am 6-7 Kg overweight. I have read that being at your ideal weight facilitates conceiving. Recently, I joined the Body Care's weight loss programme. For attaining the desirable weight, along with some dietary recommendations they subject the clients to some passive exercise machines. These passive exercise machines send vibrations through the tummy/thighs etc. leading to muscle movements. After taking the session, I experience bladder fullness. Please help me understand how these passive exercises have a connection with water release? I have paid the entire fee. After taking 2-3 sessions, when I asked them they told me that once I conceive, I cannot continue the programme. Now I have a doubt if such passive exercise machines hinder conception? Is there any correlation? Should I stop availing these session?

A:Losing 6-8 kgs in a way that will not hamper your health is much better than going to great lengths to do it in a fashion, which may hinder your goal. I cannot comment on the efficacy of the methods you have described but I can say that a good way to lose weight is to brisk walk 5-6 times a week, for anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes a day. With that if you can add some yoga or strength exercises, you will find that not only are you losing weight, you are also gaining in mental and physical strength, will be able to withstand stress and enhance your own sense of well being! Of course a good nutritional program with sensible eating will help speed up the process!


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