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Do irregular menses affect chances of conception?

Q: Does having abnormal cycles after miscarriage at 7 weeks affect the chances of conception? I am a 24 years old woman and had both the problems of irregular and abnormal periods. I get periods at 6 weeks and 1 day late. Earlier I had regular periods of 28-29 days cycle. I got a urine test done, which was negative 10 days back. Would a blood test be negative at 20 days? The doctor suggested to wait for another week and then do a urine test to get the exact result. How can the situation change in a matter of one week even though a blood test is more accurate than urine? My doctor has put me on Alka-Ur thrice and has a wash with Cyteal for urine infection. Are these safe even if there are chances of pregnancy? How long will it take me to get back to normal cycles?


  1. Irregular menses can decrease your chances of conception as it becomes difficult to predict when you will ovulate (unless monitored by ultrasound scan). Also, infrequent or long cycles usually are associated with anovulation (absence of ovulation).
  2. If you have had unprotected intercourse in the intervening period, and ovulation occurs late, you can be diagnosed with a pregnancy later.
  3. I do not know what Cyteal contains - so ask your doctor.
  4. You need to be treated for the irregular menses now.


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