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Do I really need to follow the restrictions placed on me?

Q: I have been detected with sarcoidosis. In one of the tests, there was an incidental finding of multiple calcific granuloma in the brain. I have never had any central nervous system (CNS) problems in my life including any seizure till date. I am in the Indian Air Force and I have coped with the highest level of physical and mental stress during my training and later in service. I have been told not to drive, not to go near fire, water and heights. I have not been allowed to fly because of this reason. Do I really need to follow these restrictions? Is there an increased chance of having a siezure in my case?

A:The presence of multiple calcified lesions in the brain suggests an old, healed disease. Theoretically, such lesions can produce epileptic fits at any time. The restrictions imposed on you are precautionary and are intended to save you and others from injury in case you should suffer a convulsion. Whilst it is not possible to be absolutely sure you will never get a fit in the future, a senior neurophysician skilled in the management of epilepsy may be able to offer you some guidance after performing tests that may include electro-encephalo-graphy (EEG). I suggest you seek such an opinion


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