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Do I need to wear glasses?

Q: I am a 42 years old male and I got my eyes tested six days back because I was experiencing headaches. An eye test found SPH:+ - right eye : DV -1.0 , axis 180 , vision 6/6 , NV: +1.0. left eye : DV -0.5, axis 90, vision 6/6, N.V: +1.0. I work on the computer regularly for an average of 8 hours daily and this is for the first time that I am wearing glasses. Is it necessary to wear glasses?

A:You only need glasses for two reasons irrespective of power. One to see things clearly or two to avoid eye strain which may cause headaches after some time. In your case not only hours of computer use causes eye strain but as you are over 40 years, you also will get more eye strain for near work and difficulty in seeing small prints in dim light as your years pass by.


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