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Do I need to use hormones regularly for PCOD?

Q: I have PCOS and was on a patch but took it off for two months. I put it back on for another month because my menstrual periods disappeared. I then had a period, which was a little strange because it usually lasts for 4 days. The following week, I again removed the patch. Can you tell me what is going on with me?

A:PCOS will give one erratic periods. Hormone pills or patches regulate the periods. If you keep putting the patch on and taking it off on a whim, you will continue to have erratic bleeding. If you want to have regular periods, take the hormonal pills or the patch as instructed by the doctor. If you do not care for a regular period, then do not use any hormonal preparations (unless using them for contraception). Please read about PCOS on our website for more information.


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