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Do I need to take vitamin supplements?

Q: I have bought Seven Seas pure cod liver oil, which contains 100% RDA of Vitamin A, D and E. So does this mean that I will always be overdosing myself with Vitamin A, D and E since I will be getting these vitamins from my food as well? I am not taking any other drugs. The only reason I have started this is for the benefits of Omega3 to my brain and benefit that these vitamins could bring to falling hair.

A:There are many reasons of alopecia (falling hair). The cause should be diagnosed and treated. There is no benefit, and probable loss due to overvitaminosis. Due to plenty of sunshine, vitamin D deficiency is rare in India. Please keep in mind that overdosage of vitamin A can lead to dry hair, rough skin, enlarged liver and increase in serum calcium levels that can lead to kidney stones. The requirement of Vitamin E is barely 3-10mg a day that is available from normal food intake. You do not need vitamin supplements unless there is proven, documented deficiency.


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