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Do I need to take 'reconia silver' vitamin supplements?

Q: I am taking Reconia Silver tablet from Ranbaxy as my daily multi-vitamin mineral supplement. I want to know if it is fine or should I switch to some other brand? Also please tell me a good brand of Lactobacillus acidophilus or friendly bacteria supplement. Do I need to have dairy products at all if I take the supplements mentioned above and Trical D 500?

A:Vitamins/mineral supplements (such as Riconia Silver) are to be taken only, repeat only, when there is proven deficiency. Apart from loss of money, over-vitaminosis can lead to unfavourable consequences. It is better to consume healthy food (lots of fruits, green vegetables etc) rather than gulp artificial chemicals. The perception that such supplements are harmless is wrong. If you require calcium supplements, it is preferable to take the one derived from natural sources such as oyster shells (Logical-250 or Logical-500) rather than a synthetic preparation.


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