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Do I need to take medicines in a pre-diabetic stage?

Q: I am a 66 years old man and my blood sugar level has varied from 110 mg/dl to 127 mg/dl (fasting) and 118 mg/dl to 169 mg/dl (PP) in the last 4 months. Before that, my sugar levels varied from 97 to 119 mg/dl (fasting) and 118 mg/dl to 225 mg/dl (PP) 6 years back. Am I in a pre-diabetic stage? If yes, do I need to take any medicine?

A:A fasting blood glucose between 100-126mg/dl is known as impaired fasting glucose and a 2-hour postprandial blood glucose of 140-199 is known as impaired glucose tolerance. Both are considered pre-diabetes. Diet and lifestyle modification is considered the most effective treatment to prevent its progression to diabetes. If a trial of these two interventions for 3-6 months does not work or if the blood sugars continue to go high, then starting oral medications is recommended which should be discussed with your treating physician.


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