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Do I need to take Lonazep life long?

Q: I have been diagnosed for OCD (obsessive compulsion disorder). Since ten years I have been suffering from a strange kind of problem where I get unwanted thoughts, tension, depression, which would clearly show on my face. Due to this I am unable to work also could not concentrate at home too. The doctor had prescribed me Lonazep and advised to take it life long. Fortunately, I conceived and had to stop the tablets, but now after my delivery these repeated thoughts are coming back again and I am very tense. I am breastfeeding my baby. Hence, I am now in a dilemma whether or not to start the medicine. Without medicine it’s not possible for me to have a normal state of mind. What do I do?

A:Lonazep is the brand name; the name of the medicine is clonazepam. It is primarily meant to treat epilepsy and is not approved for use in psychoses. In any case is not a primary therapy in depression and/or psychosis. Lonazep is excreted in the human milk and hence MUST not be used by women who are breast feeding. The drug will go to the baby and cause side effects some of them are potentially toxic such as: CNS disturbances including impaired alertness, depression, ataxia, respiratory depression, amnesia (loss of memory), tolerance, behaviour problems, somnolence (sleepiness), fatigue, muscle weakness, vertigo. Liver disorders, gastro-intestinal upset, blood dyscrasias, etc. Either you must not take the drug or should stop breast feeding.


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