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Do I need to take Duphaston?

Q: I am a 27 years old female, married for last 11 months. Some nine months back, I had an attack of severe dysmenorrhoea and was diagnosed having a uterine fibroid. I was advised to continue Tab Ovral-L till I am ready for conception. Three months back, I underwent an Ultrasonography and it showed that the size of the fibroid has regressed to some extent (60mm x 36mm x 18mm). My doctor has advised me for early conception and has told me that surgical removal of the fibroid at this stage may lead to complications like infertility in future. He told me to take Tab Duphaston10 mg- 1 tablet daily from day 16th day to the 25th day of each menstrual cycle for the first 3 cycles after stopping Tab Ovral-L. I want to know the role of Duphaston in my case and whether I can undergo a safe pregnancy with this much size of a fibroid or not?

A:There is no need to take Duphaston if the periods are regular. In most cases, spontaneous conception does take place,and without too much problem, unless the fibroid is blocking the tubes. Once pregnancy has taken place you need to follow up with your obstetrician.


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