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Do I need to take drugs for diabetes?

Q: I was diagnosed with diabetes, with sugar level at 13.5 mmol/c. My doctor prescribed Glucophage 2 times and Dimicron 30 mg once daily. Few days back, I experienced very low sugar level at 3.1 mmol/c around noon. I experienced blurring a few days earlier, but I did not measure the level. The doctor told me to stop Dimicron left with Glucophage. Am I experiencing low levels due to not taking the correct amount of food, or did the combination of the 2 medicines caused it? Before stopping Dimicron my sugar levels improved. What would be the alert level for me to resume Dimicron? I am left with Glucophage twice a day.

A:You have Type 2 DM and as of today, diet and exercise are enough for control. You can stop glucophage as well. Most of the patients after diagnosis of diabetes do well on diet and exercise, only for a variable period of time. Recommendations for newly diagnosed diabetics are lifestyle modifications for first three months and if not controlled, then only medications are needed. Targets are FBG 80-120, PP < 180 mg/dl and HbA1c <7%. But as you are above 40 years of age you need aspirin-75 mg and a statin after getting your cholesterol profile. These two medication will protect you from heart disease.


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