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Do I need to take birth control pills?

Q: I am 26 years old. I got an MTP done because of strongly positive Rubella in the 6th week of pregnancy. The doctor has asked me to take an oral contraceptive, which I am not comfortable with, although I am taking all the vitamins, Zevit, CCM, Globac for 4 weeks. I want to know if oral contraceptive are not taken, then will it affect my menstrual cycle in anyway> I am really worried and don't want to take the birth control pills after reading all the side effects associated with it.

A:What is required is not necessarily an oral contraceptive pill but some form of protection so that you do not conceive. Your partner should use condoms and hence there is no need for you to use contraception. Even otherwise it is much better to have a barrier protection like condoms rather than take pills with all their side effects. I do not know why so many vitamin pills are being consumed by you concurrently. You can take just Globac one a day. Overvitaminosis is as bad as vitamin deficiency.


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