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Do I need to lose weight before I plan to conceive?

Q: I am 24 years old with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. I am obese from childhood. I do not have any problems with my cycle, they are regular but I pass those 3 days with much pain. I got married 2 years back. We are planning for kids and inspite of me doing all sorts of things to lose weight like exercises, VLCC, etc; I am not reducing much. Whatever I did reduce, I have gained it back. After marriage I became more obese and now I am weighing around 98 kgs. Also, I had gone through a thyroid and other related tests and everything was normal. I am fine with other things but I am tense that I may not be able to conceive ever. Please let me know, will I become a mother?

A:You are definitely obese. This is bad for your health, besides hampering your conception. Also, it is not good to be pregnant with this weight. I suggest you first consult an endocrinologist and also a gynaecologist. Only after a thorough physical examination and appropriate investigations can you be told regarding chances of conception. But I repeat, weight loss is a must before pregnancy - otherwise, you will invite numerous serious complications during pregnancy, which will be bad for you as well as the baby’s health.


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