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Do I need these drug for irregular periods?

Q: I am having irregular periods. Generally I get periods in every 23-25 days but the last month I got my periods within 17 days. I have consulted a doctor who gave me Duoluton–L for 21 days from the 5th day of my period. I have started taking it but it has created problems like vomiting, upset mood etc. After taking these for 2 days I stopped it and consulted a doctor who told me to start Deviry 10 mg. This I have to take for 15 days from 11th day of period. Please tell me about this tablet and its side effects. I am 25 years old unmarried girl.

A:There is a popular misconception that menstrual cycle is normal only if of 28 days only. If your periods are regular but occur every 23-25 days, you need to do nothing. Once in a while if the duration gets reduced, it gets automatically compensated in the following one or two cycles. In such situations one should not take any hormonal medicine because it can make the matters worse. Only when periods are regularly irregular for several cycles does one need to take medication. Duoluton-L is the brand name of a medicine that contains two female hormones: livonorgestrel (a member of progesterone group) and ethinyl oestradiol (a member of oestrogen group). It is indicated for irregular mesntrual cycles. Its side effects include nausea, vomiting and mood changes. If at all this medicine is required, one has to tolerate side effects which disappear once the drug is stopped. Deviry is the brands name of a hormone called medroxy progesterone (a member of progesterone group). It is used in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, secondary ammenorrhoea and endometriosis.


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