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Do I need surgery for anal fissure?

Q: I am a 29-years old male. I am suffering from acute anal fissure and perianal dermatitis. The doctor has advised me to take Cremaffin liquid (4 tsp at night after dinner) and Xylocaine ointment 5%. Earlier I used to apply Anovate ointment. But there is no positive sign of recovery. Moreover, I have started feeling more uncomfortable after the surgeon did an internal examination. Earlier, I used to feel better after applying Anovate. I would like to know whether or not surgery is necessary in my case?

A:A fissure is a wound at the anus. The anus has muscle fibres that prevent easy healing. Therefore all fissures do not heal with medicines. If you have a fissure that is not responding to treatment, you should undergo surgery. Surgery is minor, and effective. Alternatives to surgery do exist, but are not currently standardized or recommended.


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